things running through my mind.
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2003-09-02 02:23:38 (UTC)

ha.. i forgot.. i was readin..

ha.. i forgot.. i was readin kristins journal. I dont
understand y she always feels bad for herself i mean she
has such a great personality, great family, great friends,
guys that she can talk to.. ppl tah care for her and call
her. I just dont see it wut she has to complain about at
all. Cuz i dont have half of wut she has... i mean
everytime i read her journal all i think is how much i just
want to start over and get a new life. It makes me
depressed and hate me. I know i do have good things but
just something inside of me is missing.. im not sure wut
just yet. But i kno that i can just keep acting happy and
maybe ill figure it out. Cuz i know for a fact that if i
dont keep actin all happy then i wont have nething in life
my friends and.. i know i already stopped acting pretty
much around my family cuz they hate me. I know i dont smoke
or drink and it seems that everything is good but i dunno.
I mean then i think of like Zach and how he left foley cuz
he cant graduate,also he is a big time smoker and can't
stop, that he lived in a park for 2 weeks cuz i dont kno
y.. but he seemed to b happy and nice to almost everyone at
school. I just think that kristin doesnt have musch to
complain about if she just looks down the line at other ppl
who are soo much worse off then her, she needs to realize
that she has a good life and she should b great full in
stead of depressed about it.

--thanks for everything i have... i should love it all.