things running through my mind.
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2003-09-02 02:13:01 (UTC)

life tends to travel on the bumpy road

k.. lets see friday i was in the best mood ever by the
night. i got ot hang out wiht anne and brandy the whole day
b4 and i go to see ppl at the kimball game and talk to
martha. I went o bham on friday night with kim and ang and
we just made our own fun. Then i talked online to ppl at
night and i had a great time talkin to everyone.

I talked on the phone wiht kim for a while then she got a
bit sleep soo i let her get off he phone wiht me, also i
had to pack for the week end up north.

The next day we left at like 8 am. it was cool a got to
sleep for the 3 hour drive. We got there adn rode the 4
wheelers they were soo much fun i wanted to take them home
with me, Ha besides that i ran into alot of trees and me
and kt got stuck btween 2 of them... it was cool. Ne how we
went on a boat ride and tried layin out for a lil while.
Then after all this we got good adn dirty on the 4 wheelers
by eating everyones dust, ha i swear i looked black and i
sneezed black... (thats gross i kno!) That night kt was
already to go to bed at like 11 and i just kinda went along
wiht her cuz wut else was i suppose to do cuz ryan was goin
ot sleep kyle was already in bed adn i didnt wanna bug her
cuz and his 3 friends wen i didnt kno them that well at
all. But they invited us to come down to the bonfire later
and we talked it was great. Courtney was sooo drunnk she
would snort and laugh and couldnt stand up. " wait...
wait... not yet... now that illegal"" i kno i lived by the
bay" Then we had just sum good laughs about w/e... we
drank a smirnoff raspberry those a good.. they taste like
pop. We ended up goin to bed around like 2.. But they must
of had fun after becuz from lookin thrw brians pic the
girls were makin out... wow that was nice to see. as brian
ses" ull hit a time were u get sick of guys and want the
girls" w/e u say?! lmao!

Then the next day we played sum cards lost and then got
thrown in the water... which made me freeze for the rest of
the day.. but hey.. at least i went in the water right!
Then more 4 wheelin.. thats always fun. Then that night the
bonfire again... we had some good talks, they are the
funniest adn coolest people ever i luved it there. Also
kyle thought like me... i swear on everything he knew wut i
was thinkin.. and no one else did that was kinda cool. I
only drank one and a half of mikes. I dindt want ne more..
i felt sick and it wasn't helpin at all. But kt on the
other hand had about 4 to drink and was totally wasted...
but hey she made u laugh the whole night. She talks soooo
freakin much and yes i luv u kt i dontkno how many times
u've asked me that.We also know taht we just should fuck
senior year 2nd sem. and that its the best year of my life
no matter wut school i go to... ok i dont think soo but i
guess i could listen.. cuz we heard that story for about a
half hour. UH ya.. the next day i was sad to leave we took
sum pics packed up said bye and thanks and we were off. I
came home laid around wentto go do sum hw and realized that
i didnt bring my books home.Then i ran 3 miles later i had
a pretty good time of 24 48 but i've done better last run
wen i had to pee the whole time i had a 23 sumthing... o
w/e ha and wen i went up to foley to run i hopped the fence
cuz i dint want to walk in front of the guys soccer
team. :) ... ok well school 2maor full day cant wait.. i
hope i can get my work done and fine it too..:/ well im out
for the night

Also my sista got me a virus and i hate tellin ppl not to
click on it.. its soo stupid. I also didnt get to talk to
sum1 i just dont understand. i talk one day wiht a great
convo, then we dont talk at all... im not gettin this.