2003-09-02 02:05:20 (UTC)

thank god.

oh my fucking god. this site was down for like 2 hours.
lol i made a AOL diary and a diaryland diary in that amount
of time because i didnt know what to do with myself.

whew. glad thats over..

she read them all.. i dont know if i believe her. even
though if she did thats really cool. even though i feel
bad about some of the things she probably didnt want to
read. i just wouldnt expect anyone to read all of this
shit. but then again, ashley does. who i fucking love to
death by the way and im so glad i went to tampa. i feel
much better now. none of my drama is gone but im not
wanting to kill myself over it anymore. i cant wait to see
the picture of my boobs lol. god i hate them. im guna CUT

asshole came over to get his algebra book and i was like oh
heres your ring you left here the other day and hes like
thanks and throws it on the floor. whatever. it was like
a dollar. and thats about how much it means to me too.

lol last night when i was finally about to pass out i was
so drunk i was trying to text message her because i knew i
couldnt call her and when i read it this morning it was
really funny... i remember doing it and i couldnt remember
how to make the little heart so i used a parenthesis
instead of a 3 and i didnt put u and it made no sense.
haha i really didnt expect to get that drunk.

i keep thinking about the courthouse. i cant get it out of
my head. i was so dizzy, i was getting sick my head was
pounding and i felt like i was about to pass out. we'd
been standing there for over an hour. right next to the
vending machine. and he stood there and said "I'm not
spending a dollar on a bottle of water." and "I'm not
standing in line for you." so I could sit down a minute. i
would have given him the dollar back in the car. i was
standing there in disbelief. its stupid i know but i cant
get over it. he's such a piece of shit sometimes.

eh. i dont care. i want to transfer to tampa. even if
everyone hates me for it.

i was thinking. that if i could make her realize she needs
to go back to school. and somehow help her so that she
could finish her AA by the time I get mine.

i'm going to paint now.

i want a job tomorrow. a good one.

i love this flower scene in 40 days and 40 nights.. its the
hottest thing ive ever seen (even though theres a boy in
it) shes the most beautiful girl on earth and the whole
thing is so fucking hot.

I was reading old diary entries on here.. yeah real good
idea adrienne.. dumb ass.

"Was I out of my head? Was I out of my mind? How could I
have ever been so blind?..Don't matter what I say, only
what I do,I never mean to do bad things to you. So quiet,
but I finally woke up - if you're sad, then its time you
spoke up too..."