2003-09-01 16:05:03 (UTC)

wild when the waves start to break

and god knows they're breaking in me now

i go wild because it doesnt make sense
for me to cry out in my own defense
wild because i know id do anything to tear you off your
precious fence

im in tampa. at ashleys. i love it here i dont want to
leave. i want to stay here. its the cutest place and i
love it.

hmmm. im having a problem with this girl.

i said my hail marys and shit. with my rosary. and i
sprinkled holy water to bless her room. shes napping.

i got incredibly drunk last night. much more than i
planned to. but it was fine. and she said luv you 2.

matt is soo mad at me. haha. he hung up on me. and he
hasnt called me. hell yeah for that. like he hung up on
me and i was like "OH HELL NO" called him back he hung up
on me again and i said you know what. i dont even care.
and i certainly didnt let it ruin my fun.

Ashley forgot to take a picture of my boobs. I told her
she could when I was drunk and we forgot. lol.

ohh well..

i should drive home soon. im mad that the bitch is off
work. whateva.

I think i need a little nap.