sheesh ya fuck
2003-09-01 07:04:50 (UTC)

cant take this tube fed reality..

cant take this tube fed reality
let me float in the closest escape
drop me head first into space
my tears will be sucked away
this is why i run into the darkness of my mind
i cant feel you anymore
im shut off to hurt
ive brought everyone into me
you think im fucking stupid how i dont see the flickers in
the eyes the flicker in the screens
you think i beleive cuz its easy FUCK YOU
i wont even withdrawal from oxygen
fuck the necessities
oh and by the way thanks for being there in times of
falls and bleedings in the last 18 years
choke on the splinters of long fearful winters
im tired of all these whiney fucks
crying in there own puddles of piss
the weakest of souls scream
frusterated by this empty home
infested by the ugliest souls
i cant beat this disease its dug into my heart and slept
there since i could bleed
inflict me
i need to draw the lines
i need to see the truth
you ignorant fuck
hide in your holes
underneath your excuses
i know its all about whos bigger to you
ive been telling every shadow to stay away
its a story with truth leaking out of the edges
if you have the eyes you will see
words arent truth just nonsense
you havent seen me.
no one will.
im every word in a spill
i need to spill i need it like a fiend
aDD a fucking R and it will tell you something of nothing
mostly that im gone.
these textbooks are like everything else over and over
over and over never under never fucking under and how
doesnt that work and how does it fucking matter...i dont
understanding isnt ignorance i drew the line
i drew an illiterate bleeding moron for a dart board
i dont care what you say you didnt need the attention as
much as the eyes that could see the leaking truth bleed
and they only look at themselves.
always me'
always me';
i can see you
i can see
worry worry
bleed bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedd.