Nick's Journal
2003-08-31 17:55:26 (UTC)

Sick, sappy, poetic, mess

as i turn myself around i am once again confronted by the
stench of primates. no i'm not in the midst of africa, i
am in the midst of a bar, a bar in downtown college,
u.s.a. you see last night was juliann's birthday, so we
went bar hopping. now according to my good friend keith,
(and i agree here), there are two aspects to bars......the
heat, and the awkward proximity to drunks with which you
are forced to live with.
don't get me wrong i truly don't hate bars, but i find it
quite amusing when 50 guys find it a huge deal when
another guy uses the bathroom. allow me to e.g.
guy # 1 "i gotta piss"
49 other guys - "awwwwwwwwww shit, pussssssy, woot woot
guy # 1 - "i'm waaaaaaaaaasted"

as can be plainly seen by this e.g. our society has not
thoroughly advanced. incredibly enough we seem to have
advanced and our society bubble keeps on expanding until
one day it blows up in our faces. however the sick irony
is that we are a species, that despite all of our advanced
notions, we have an uncanny inclination to ruin ourselves
in easily detrimental ways. we'll drink/smoke ourselves
stupid so that we have a "reason" to resort to the
inhibitions of our homo habilitus status, only they were
more of a "handy-man", ha, i know you need to take art
history to get that one.

i don't understand our race, and our race against