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2003-08-31 06:58:35 (UTC)


I went to church today and it was AWSOME!!!!!! I was blown
away by the pastor and his message. I'm telling you, you
can really feel the Lord's presence in the building.
Today's message dealt with our past, present, and future.
You should have seen it! He was saying about how the Lord
has already forgiven us for our sins and that now he's
looking at what we are doing to walk in his light. Our
present is to try and save people, get them to hear the
love that the Lord gives us and wants us to have. He was
saying how as Christians we need to walk the walk, not just
talk the talk. And in our future is our life with him, the
eternal life which is our reward for following him as close
as we need to. He was saying that we can't say we're
Christians and be living the way we used to before we knew
him and accepted Jesus into our life because then we have
denied him. We are ashamed of him if we do not go and live
by his word.

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