Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2003-08-31 06:10:53 (UTC)

In the Name of the Rose...

Truth. We hold these truths to be self evident. Veritas.
The truth shall set you free. Spiritual consolations.
Holiness. Veracity. Rise to a higher love. Take me to a
higher plane. Cause we all live under the reign of one
king. The beauty and majesty of created eternity shows us
love, with arms wide open. Where there was none, is now
one, and the promise of many more to follow. The light was
blinding. It burned away all the falseness inside him, and
left him with only the truth, and brought him down to his
knees, and he crumbled, and sobbed, and cried, until there
were no more tears to be shed. He blew his nose, and
imagined a vector out in space, and then another one, which
shared its point of origin, and wondered how the first
vector's projection out onto the second one would come to
be the transpose column matrix of its components multiplied
to the second vector's components. This scalar product
worked for any n-space, and was also equal to the length of
the first vector, multiplied by the length of the second
vector, and then finally multiplied by the cosine of the
angle between them. He then recalled how, if the scalar
dot product was zero, this implied that the first vector
had no projection onto the second one, implying once more
that they were orthogonal....

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