2003-08-31 05:09:31 (UTC)


am i just an animated body?, i lose myself, I get outside
myself looking in, my image twisted and distorted, i try to
see myself as you do, i turn myself inside out and don't
know where I am anymore, I feel formless as I glide in
between us, infinite mirror images as I try to distinguish
myself from their two dimensional copies, from all the
images I project and all the ways I am percieved.
I'm living on the surface of myself so you can see and
touch me. I don't think or feel except from that numbing
and distorting distance. I am not inside myself. I am not
experiencing reality. I'm so self-concious that I lose
myself in the illusion of self. Gather all of the imagery,
sensations and emotional content of your life. Everything
you have ever percieved. Now look at yourself. Aren't you
small? Do you really think that you exist inside your body,
when your mind stretches to eternity? Do you really think
YOU are separate from everything else? Where is that
distinction drawn exactly?