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2003-08-31 02:28:54 (UTC)

if you want to, i could save you

i can take you away from here

yeah thats for you if youre reading this.

anyway. fuck that.

im about to leave for tampa.

i was reading ashleigh's diary.

"i'm sorry, that's not what happens. i don't need a
stupid four year relationship to know that once it's
fucked's always going to be. no one can really
have enough effort or love for two people."

she wasnt talking about me. but it sure hit home.

i've been painting a lot lately.

i didnt get my sugar glider. im not happy about it. but i
guess he did kinda smell funny.


she doesnt want to go with me. whatever.

well im guna go have a good time and i made a thinking-cd
for the trip. to get past this cus its not the right time
to not be okay about it. i have enough stuf to be not okay
about. that i actually have SOME control over. this.


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