2003-08-30 21:21:12 (UTC)

i'm lost in space

I'm failing to be as avoidant and withdrawn as I once was.
Strange experiences are striking at me without any concious
effort on my part.

I was going to spend Friday night reading my text books.
Then Art History Boy kidnapped me. I told him several times
over the phone that I didn't want to go out, that I simply
didn't feel like it and he should probably never ask again.
He's so goddamn persistent though. All kinds of things
happened last night that I don't want to write about just

On Thursday I was stranded in Petaluma without money and
trying to find a bus to my Comparitive Relgion class on the
Petaluma SRJC campus, which I was already late for. A boy
at the other bus stop awaiting the 80 to San Francisco
invited me across the street to smoke weed with him. He was
from Hawaii and hitchhiking to Las Vegas to see his sister.
His name was Kai. I'll never see him again. He gave me a
dollar for the bus. I found a bus stopping within walking
distance of the Petaluma JC, but I got lost on the way.
Drugs are bad.
I arrived at 8:30 PM in time for the second half of my
class and the topic that day was hinduism. The hindu gods
guided me.

Conclusion- I must be more responsible about certain mind-
altering substances.