Used n Abused
2003-08-30 18:18:33 (UTC)


mAn Im so MAd OR somewhat is unblieveable. You Richard
sure likes to talk about me to Jake. i dont like that one
bit. cause me n jake are tight known him for 4 years. well
richard always says he don't say nothing that goes on
between us.. well i guess he turned out to be a liar to...
so hes sayin stuff we done. which isn't much. hardly
nothing ,but its the point you know? I can't people talking
about stuff to other people. like its nothing. Marvin
called talked to him for a lil bit hes in Alanta GeoRGIA.
Talk to jessie all night. now im remembering why i like him
so much. He doesn't have looks ,but i dunno. im not gonna
go with no one. Just gone done im'ing charity. she said
jake was talking shit. she was right there he didnt do
that. i dont know why i listen to them little boys. im
gonna tell jessie i wanna be friends with him.
cause i know i'll end up going with richard,if he ever ASKS
ME OUT. i dunno im crazy i SwEar. bOYs Suck WELl im gonna
go dads home byebye xooxox peace UsE n AbusEEd RalPh
LauReLl akA lAUrEn