2003-08-30 15:49:36 (UTC)

Saturday Aug. 30

I couldnt think of a name for this entry but that is ok.
Yesterday I had my surgery. All went well. I came out of
anesthesia all confused and I had to go pee. I hated all
those needles and stuff but soon enough they took them all
out. I remember being in the room with Mom, Dad, and Misty.
We were all talking and I had my IV hooked up before
surgery. It took a while before they actually wheeled me
into the operation room. When they wheeled me out I tried
so hard not to cry..and then I saw the look on Misty's face
and I couldnt help it. Soon enough they were putting more
drugs into my IV and then they slid me on to the operation
table, put those sticky things on my chest and gave me some
oxygen and lots of warm blankets. The doctor said I will
feel a sting and then I will go to sleep. I felt the sting
through my whole body. It kinda hurt and then he pressed
down on the oxygen and I was gone. I woke up in recovery
and the nurse was talking to me and I was
they put me in a private room so i could see my family.
When I got there I had to get up and walk around so I could
use the bathroom... and when I came back I got some apple
juice. When everyone came back in, misty had a stuffed
monkey..I loved it, The Nurse took out my IV and told me
that I could change into my clothes. They gave me
directionsand presciptions and took me out in a wheel chair
to the car. I got flowers, cards, and balloons. and I even
got chinese food for when I could eat more than a piece of
Norm and Andy came over to visit me last night we had fun.
They really liked my new cell phone..I like it too.
Well, thats all for now, Im gonna go get some lunch.