purple star

Never once spoken
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2003-08-30 08:36:35 (UTC)


as anyone who reads this regularly can see... i have
deleted most of my entries. the only ones i have left are
those that are works of art... and not of rambling. i did
this because that is my past and i am trying to look toward
the present and future. i let down my guard again... now i
have re-built the wall and i feel much better. my past is
still mine. and no one else's. tonight i am exhausted. it
is 4:30am and i spent a great deal of the last couple hours
in order to express myself in a way that will not be
deleted tomorrow... i will write creatively and not play-by-

i looked into the mirror and saw the ghost. sunken eyes.
black stains down her cheeks. it was easy to wash away the
paint tonight. tear stained cheeks have already been

be not afraid, love. its only love.