I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-08-30 00:30:34 (UTC)

Dewey Decimated

I went to my local library today. Let it be known that I
love the library. I love all libraries. The have that
dusty, bookish smell. It's cool, and mostly quiet and I
can (and do) spend hours looking around and coming across
treasures that I want to read and reread.

Yet to both my delight and my dismay, technology has
wormed its way into the library. I remember going to my
elementary school libraries and had the weird old
librarians pound something called Dewey into our heads.

Those huge pieces of furniture with a billion little
drawers were fascinating. I had to push a chair over to
reach the top rows.

We were given the 3rd grade equivalent of "research
projects" just so that we would learn how to use the
system. We could look up anything by subject, title, or

The little cards carefully typed up on an old Remington
Noiseless, dogeared and smudged from years of dirty little
hands. It was like a puzzle for me, a scavenger hunt. A
feeling of triumph once I finally found what I was looking

There are no more huge card catalogues in my library.
There are three computer terminals that are always
occupied so that you have to stand there and wait for
someone to be finished with it.

I understand that life goes on and that a paper trail
takes up a lot of space. Computers are the wave of the
future for libraries.

But I miss the way it used to be.