Wo ist Amanda?
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2003-08-29 21:43:33 (UTC)

La la la la, la la la la, hey hey hey, more time!

Yeah, that song just came to my head....I love la's! They
are so cute! So, I've been writing to this wonderful guy.
He's 23, which is a little old for me...but, he is so great.
His name is Rick. You see, when I went to Florida to
visit my old best friend, I happened to see her brother
and we hung out. He has always been like an older
brother to me, even though I've always thought he was
hot! Well, I guess he noticed that I've grown up a bit in
the last 3 years, and decided to take a little interest in
me! Well, now my "best friend" hates me because she
seems to think that after 6 years of friendship, I'm
"using her for her brother"! I don't know what to do,
because I don't want to give up on Rick...there could be
something there...we have a lot in common! And I'm
tempted to tell her that she either accepts it, or I will
have to leave her alone until she decides that she can
deal with it. I mean, why wouldn't she want me to be
with her brother?! I mean, hey, she knows and trusts
me, she knows I'm a good, what?!?!? I
hope things go somewhere with me and Rick. He is so
much better than Erick, my ex. Hopefully Rick will move
back to California with me. I dunno. I have to wait for a
letter back from him!

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