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2003-08-29 07:53:32 (UTC)

the end

I feel kind of rotten, yes.

KingdomH is falling for school until the breaks of
Christmas vacation, spring vacation, and then summer. That
will be the glorious time, a year from now. fuck, why does
it have to be so far? Why do the pretty threads of
happiness have to be cut and formed so long from then? Why
do the lot of them all have to go through school, and not
be children. Stay and play with Sonata. He'll be veyr
lonely. I better check on it everyday. If anyone needs
Ansem or Sora, I'll be there. just in case... Everyone
should remember that Sonata is and always will be there.

Ever resourceful Sonata...

And then there's chat RP. Which I committed to-day. And I
don't like it as much as messageboard RP. But I guess it's
all right. I can suffice.

I've also been hooked on VAST recently, because I
downloaded that music video for the unknowns by Clerix, and
it had Temptation for the music. So I told nadzooks about
it and she flipped and sent me... -checks- .. 10 songs.
Wow. They're all great. This is a great bandperson? I
can't tell. But I like them. I'm listening to Touched now,
which is one of my favourites. I'd say, so far, Temptation,
Touched, Lady of Dreams, and Somewhere Else To Be are my
favourites. Yeah. In that order.

That's what life is, my friends. It's being by yourself,
alone, doing what you love to do. Half the world population
dies when night comes, and that is the best time to be by
myself. Night owls, I commend thee. -commend-

But otherwise, I want to say so much more.

Like this 'All-encompassing Theorem From HELL' I made for
DD, ASAS, KH2, and the unknowns. But fuck. Why do it if no
one would read it? Would you? No, you wouldn't. Even if you
did, you wouldn't get it.
Yeah, there it is. Spent an hour on it. You know? ...
Worked hard and I get nothing.

....But I guess that's okay. Can't please everyone. In
fact, I say I did it just for myself to keep record. Like
Ansem's reports. He wrote them as record. I love Ansem's
reports. I hope when I finish writing my own reports I can
compile them in a home-made book. FUCK how I love the
reports. I love to write them. I love to imagine and solve
all the riddles that are laid out by Square. I'm obsessed.
Very, very ill and sickly depressed.

And I love it.


Also, I've never really done interesting KH2 fanfics (the
one KH one I did I showed to, but they didn't
fancyread it, I suppose. can't please everyone), so I'm
beginning one with the Mute. MUUUTTTE!!! I REALLY love the
Mute. He'll start in the Universe Cross, leaning up against
the wall, crossing out Sonata's mouth in pictures, and then
the other unknowns will pass by. The glowing eye, or
someone, will look to him. They'll smirk, and keep going.
BWHAHA. Then the Mute will meet someone and take his
mouthcover off. It's not necessarily a gag. But I haven't
decided who. Anyone like Kairi, Ansem, Sora, or Riku seems
too unrealistic, but I REALLY REALLY don't want to put in a
new character. I hate when people do that to fanfics.
Because then it's not a fanfic. It starts becoming your own

But then again...
The Mute is my character. ^^;

Anyway.... hot damn, this was probably my longest. WHOO.
Yeah... I'm telling nadzooks I'm doing important business
stuff. HOOHAW and knowledge of computers. Damn, I love her.
I have to, I guess, keep the lie for them. They'd distance
me so far. I'd feel guilty. It's all about me. But they'd
feel bad, too.