It smells like poop over here
2003-08-29 07:16:45 (UTC)

cause your selfish and rude with a bad attitude

now what about me?" good stuff vandals, gooood stuff.
moving back to the eastside. i can't wait to get outta
here. no suprise visits from tricia no bea "mistaking" my
stuff for ricks. i have a stereo in the bathroom, so i can
listen to music while i shower. rick takes a shower in
about two minutes, so he never listens to the stereo. but
every CD that's in the bathroom, bea puts in his CD rack.
she borrows my magazines, and puts them in her room. she
moves my stuff so i don't know where it is, she took on of
my hats, and to top it all off, she's a patho liar.
me and tricia do have a lot of fun sometimes though. i
like not being around her all the time though, i need a
breaks or something. i dunno, like a couple weeks, mike
told me (i don't know how he heard this, somewhere along
the grapevine) that tricia told bea that lauren was
cheating on me. made me this twice cause wehen she was on
vacation, i swore to god i saw her driving in her car with
some dude. i saw them in my side view mirror, but they
were in a silver cavalier, possibly a sunfire, but i could
swear it was lauren. scared the hell outta me.
my new apartment is pretty cool. sasha lives right the
street, so i know she's gonna be over all the time, so i
magine ill spend a lot of time in my room. mike said i
could have one of his 3 TVs for my room. after i make some
money, im gonna buy a PS2, so i can play gran turismo and
watch DVDs, even though i never buy movies. i dunno, i
think im gonna stop writing for the evening. PEACE