2003-08-29 03:32:30 (UTC)

I've learned something today...

I learned I have friends. A clique you may call it. This
means alot to me right now, since for the past few months
going on to maybe even a few years I have never found a
place among a goup of friends like I do now. I not only
have dips now, but a good group of friends that I can truly
count on, do everything and anything with at any time. It
struck me now just now. I've been hanging with this group
for the past week and a half atleast. But just today I've
done something with one of them that I didn't expect...

We went to the beach today, but before that bowling since
Great America is closed on the weekdays now. While Chris
was driving Elizabeth and Anna home with Eric, Jason,
Oscar, and David went for one last swim and then to change,
since Chris and Eric were taking so long, Tim and I
connected more in those few moments then we did in our
whole 4 years of division together. We talked about the
frustrations of life, jobs, social lives (boy/girlfriends,)
the usual stuff. Stuff we never talked about. Stuff I
didn't think Tim and I could talk about. Now that I look
back at it, these weren't just a bunch of cool friends I
could waste some time with to get away from home, they are
now people I can connect with.
It's not just Tim either. Yesterday Chris got agitated so
we all tried to cheer him up. We kinda succeeded but not
really. And whenever Eric is in one of his fits we all
bond. But I think it really began with Christina and me
talking at Denny's that night they wanted to go to the
cemetery afterwards. I think in atleast one small way we
are becoming more then just things to do to loosen up.
We're becoming FRIENDS dare I say it.
^ and this word ranks high in my book.
I never realized that there are so many great people right
under my nose, all I had to do was leave the house and
sometimes even fight with the interrigation.

You know, this comes at a great time. I'm not lost anymore.
I have people to rely on. It's like the runes advised:
patience. Then again I didn't really ask that question, but
anyway I think I'll need my Friends in my future life

I'd like to thank someone. Karma I guess, or better yet,
let's not give it a name, let's just say I'm thankfull.

The best things in life truly are free. :0)