Scribbles of my life
2003-08-29 02:25:25 (UTC)

Fasting can feel sucky and wonderful

Hey, so yes, today I succesfully fasted. I lost 2 pounds
today. I exersized a lot. Like for atleast 3 hours out of
my day. I did sit ups and exersize videos. Also a little
weights and streches. I'm starting to get a headace
though, and my stomach really hurts, but I'm drinking very
cold water, because it always makes me feel full.
Hopefully I'll last the weekend, but my mom will be home
for all of it. I don't know what I"m going to do. Does
anyone know any good workouts for your thighs? I just want
to eat so badly, but I wont, I'm getting stonger in that
way. My mom doesn't really notice during the week. It will
be easier to conceal when school starts, and I'm like never
home. Just keep livin off the vitamins, water, and a
little diet soda. OOoooh but I'm dieing for a taco. But
their sooo bad, all that greese and calories. MMm, or just
some brownies, but I put salt on them and threw them down
the garbage disposal today. My mom left me some. She's
the reason I'm so fat.