Used n Abused
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2003-08-28 23:16:18 (UTC)

freakin pissed

Im over here at jennys, i didnt wanna come over here cause
i just didnt. and tonight i have ballet. ahh stupid mom is
talkin about me,have you ever known someoneone that was
soo annnoying and they just didnt know how to stop even
if they tried they become more annoying. yup thats my mom.
she goes psycho on us last night screaming and shit and
other nights sayin the meanest things and then she expects
me to be nice hell no. im sorry i cant do that, i try then
i remember and it makes me more angrier. well im goin b/c
i dunno who might come in here and try to see what im doin
peace. write in here laterz love ralph usEd N aBUsED