2003-08-28 20:17:44 (UTC)

now that THATS over...

gross dude. guys are so gross.

LOL!! she cracks me up dude!

i told them i was bi
scared the shit out of them

they asked my why i had this picture of a girl on my wall
parer (one of yers from your album....I LOVE THE PICS OF
YOU!!!!) and um....they were like...."is she a singer?"
then one of them said to the other.... "probably some
rock...goth....whatever white people listen to"
then i said, "actually, that's my friend and i want to fuck
her so bad"

so i told them i had a crush on you
extra fun if you come see me
they'll "know you"

and alex (room mate)....she said "okay, we'll have to work
something out because i need to go to bed at 11 30 or so,
and you come in at 2 or you always do that?"
"yes, i'm a gay night owl and i wet the bed and i hate you"

lol shes so funny. im in a good mood today. i had
school=) which makes me happy. and then i filed for mom.
and got some money to give matt for books. he's buying
them for us for now til i have money. he's not bad all the

i was thinking of writing someone.. but i suppose i better
not. i dont know. just to let them know i think of them
from time to time and stuf. but i guess nothing good would
come of it. and itd be better to not stir things up..

Hey! so I'm guna think about transferring to USF next
year. ashleigh wants me to come be her room mate! even
though tampa's scary. both my ashle y/igh s are there and
it's close to home and its cheaper than UF and better
chance i'll get in. except ashley might leave. i dont
know. i'm guna think about that.

i finished this picture of myself. its cute. but hey,
yknow, im pretty cute! haha this guy at my moms job, hes
hot, he was like "you're guna be 20 already? wow.. when
you turn 21 we're going out for a beer!" and i was like.
haha. too bad youre a guy. i really really think im done
with that. (of course, as always, matt is the exception)
they're so gross and nothing good comes of it.

its amazing how LITTLE i can get done in so much time.