2003-08-28 19:39:15 (UTC)

men never fail to gross me out.

LaDiDaGrl: whos this?
SHTOOPIN: a guy that saw your profile,,, and i guess i
didnt read far enough because it says here you dont like men
LaDiDaGrl: nope.
SHTOOPIN: but you are attractive
LaDiDaGrl: are you on ftj?
SHTOOPIN: no,,,why,,,want to see my pic,,,
LaDiDaGrl: no.
SHTOOPIN: im pretty easy going,,,
SHTOOPIN: whats your favorite food?
LaDiDaGrl: chinese
SHTOOPIN: yum,,,like thai?
LaDiDaGrl: i've never had thai
SHTOOPIN: like buffets?
SHTOOPIN: how about korean
LaDiDaGrl: like american-chinese lol take out chinese
friday night movie chinese
SHTOOPIN: me too,,,what movie have you liked lately
LaDiDaGrl: i think the last one i rented was O brother
where art thou, which i was surprised that i liked
SHTOOPIN: i havent seen it
SHTOOPIN: like funny ones huh
LaDiDaGrl: no i dont, i usually like anything that can
make me cry
SHTOOPIN: lol,,,oh great
SHTOOPIN: do you go out much
LaDiDaGrl: nope, im pretty boring.. if i go out its
usually to denny's for coffee or to scrapbook
LaDiDaGrl: seriously.
SHTOOPIN: i make killer coffee
SHTOOPIN: if you like it electrifying
SHTOOPIN: ever been to vegas?
LaDiDaGrl: Nope
SHTOOPIN: im going for my first time tonight
LaDiDaGrl: that'll be fun
LaDiDaGrl: how old are you anyway?
SHTOOPIN: 35 and you?
LaDiDaGrl: LOL
LaDiDaGrl: did you READ my profile
SHTOOPIN: um,,,your face one..
SHTOOPIN: your not 16 or some thing are you
LaDiDaGrl: No I'm 20.
LaDiDaGrl: Close enough
SHTOOPIN: but not at at
LaDiDaGrl: ?
SHTOOPIN: what ,,,are you too young for me?
LaDiDaGrl: No but you're too old for me
SHTOOPIN: lol,,,depends on what we were talking about
LaDiDaGrl: well since I'm, yknow, GAY and all, as clearly
stated on my profile.. guess that's not the only thing you
SHTOOPIN: ya right?
SHTOOPIN: but if your so gay,,,why even curious about me
SHTOOPIN: not ment in a bad way....
LaDiDaGrl: well, i would imagine the same way as many
straight girls converse with both men and women... ??
SHTOOPIN: i love people,,,
SHTOOPIN: i just happen to only be into women
SHTOOPIN: and i treat all people with love
LaDiDaGrl: Okay so then if a 20 year old guy IMed you for
some reason would you talk to him or not?
SHTOOPIN: depends on his approach
SHTOOPIN: like what he wanted to talk about
LaDiDaGrl: well then there you go.
SHTOOPIN: ya ok, but
SHTOOPIN: thats cool
SHTOOPIN: what about you,,,i want to know more about you..
LaDiDaGrl: What do you want to know
SHTOOPIN: did you grow up around here?
LaDiDaGrl: No
SHTOOPIN: where are you from
LaDiDaGrl: I was born in St Pete
SHTOOPIN: i have to get some drycleaning soon.....oh?
near jim morrisons home?
LaDiDaGrl: Not sure
SHTOOPIN: been to the dali mus.?
LaDiDaGrl: yes
SHTOOPIN: like it?
LaDiDaGrl: of course
SHTOOPIN: do you think you will still be on on like 30
LaDiDaGrl: possibly
SHTOOPIN: have you ever dated a guy?
LaDiDaGrl: yes
SHTOOPIN: but no way any more?
LaDiDaGrl: no.
SHTOOPIN: even if i try really hard to redeem the beauty
of men? :)
LaDiDaGrl: even if.
SHTOOPIN: lol,,,even if what
LaDiDaGrl: even if you tried really hard to redeem the
beauty of men.
SHTOOPIN: want a cute joke
LaDiDaGrl: sure
SHTOOPIN: my nick name is jack daniels,,,do you know why?
LaDiDaGrl: No
SHTOOPIN: because im a hard liqure
LaDiDaGrl: thats hilarious. but can you *spell* liquor?
SHTOOPIN: in french ?
LaDiDaGrl: no in english
SHTOOPIN: no, obviously not
SHTOOPIN: but it was a funny joke wasnt it?
LaDiDaGrl: hilarious, like i said.
SHTOOPIN: ok, ok,,,whats natural dental floss
LaDiDaGrl: "i dont know, what?"
SHTOOPIN: pubic hair
LaDiDaGrl: that one isn't even a little bit funny
LaDiDaGrl: sorry.
SHTOOPIN: what has four balls and eats aunts
LaDiDaGrl: "i dont know, what"
SHTOOPIN: two uncles
LaDiDaGrl: no, sorry.
SHTOOPIN: um,,do YOU have one?
LaDiDaGrl: what's something really creepy and pathetic a
middle-aged man could do on a Thursday afternoon?
SHTOOPIN: talk to a chick who is confused and sad?
LaDiDaGrl: Or tell dirty jokes to a 20-year old lesbian
SHTOOPIN: i see my jokes are better then yours,,,
LaDiDaGrl: yeah well i beg to differ
SHTOOPIN: ya,,,well,,,your the one begging
LaDiDaGrl: oh another killer!
SHTOOPIN: banging em one after another
LaDiDaGrl: Im bored of you now.
SHTOOPIN: lol,,ya ok
SHTOOPIN signed off at 3:34 PM