Mark Gittner

Gay Guy juggles his life struggles.
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2003-08-28 19:36:29 (UTC)

I'm growing up, not old!

Well, Things have been interesting for me. Someone who was
once really a close friend tried to commit suicide this

I've confronted my feelings about my ex, and feel like I've
come out the victor in my inner conflict again!

I've confronted my feelings about drugs in general, and
have finally come to the irreversible decision to finally
go STRAIGHT EDGE. No more drugs for me ever. I have too
much to look forward to in my life NOW to ruin it for a few
hours of fun or sex.

I am yet again counselor to a newbie coming out. Always
satisfying to do, but emotionally trying on me. But it
always reminds me of the past I've lived thru. Ever seen
the Broken Hearts Club? I think every newbie should watch
that film!!

and finally, moneys been really tight because of a mix up
at the plasma center, so I had to skip a day of donations
which lost me money, which would have been less of a
problem if it had happened during a week I got paid! But
wouldn't you know It would happen an off week???

Alright, take care, til' I write again!

Here's hoping i get laid soon!