Meshed Up
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2003-08-28 11:50:11 (UTC)

once upon a time, a door was..

once upon a time, a door was placed above the clouds.
beyond the famed door lay the secrets to success. humans,
in all their thirst for wealth and success, went about
trying to find ways to reach and open the door.

one Laborer came up with a great idea and invented the
ladder. while he was building, other men joined him.
Laborers helped him make the ladder. Managers began giving
out orders on how to build the ladder. and Businessmen
sold the idea of ladders to other Businessmen.

while Laborers continued to build, Managers continued to
give out orders and Businessmen continued to sell ladders,
People began to climb the ladders that slowly made its way
to the sky.

People stepped on the Laborers, pushed past the Managers,
reached the Businessmen, and begged that they be made
Managers too. some Businessmen took the People, others did
not. the People who could not be Managers either became
Laborers or tried to build their own ladders. a few
Laborers became Managers. and most Managers became

the People on the ladders increased until it became very
crowded and some ladders broke. those who came crashing to
the ground blamed the Laborers. screamed at the Managers.
and sued the Businessmen. the Businessmen, in response,
decided to come up with better ladders that will never

once again the Laborers began working. the Managers began
giving out orders. and the Businessmen sold more ladders.

slowly the ladders rose. some People fell to the ground in
spite of the fact that the ladders never broke. some were
pushed off. some jumped off. others merely climbed down.

one day the ladders went past the clouds and reached the
famed door. the Businessmen rushed to it and opened the
door. every now and then the Managers would push their way
through. the Businessmen became even more successful. the
Managers strived even more to become Businessmen. some
Laborers remained building and making sure that the
ladders were in perfect condition. a few were able to
reach the top.

some People who were just about to start climbing, gave
out grateful prayers to whoever created the ladder. for
without the ladders, they would never be able to reach the
door in the clouds.

while more People began climbing, and more People become
Laborers, Managers and Businessmen, the Handicaps remained
at the bottom of the ladders. they cursed whoever invented
the ladder because they knew that no matter what they did,
and no matter how hard they tried, they would never be
able to climb up it. it did not matter that there were
millions of ladders reaching up to the sky. these ladders
will never help them reach the door.


people make sense of their world through their own
ideologies. they think they're seeing the world "as it