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2003-08-28 07:23:31 (UTC)

Late night Chat

YoO SupppPp.I haven't wrote in here for a couple days. ok
maybe a week or so. Charity was down here from mon to
saturday. it was fun. except i was bitchy the last two days.
I didn't mean to be,but it happened. And her a Brittany was
getting close. and yea the nerd that i am was getting
jello. Yes im possive even about friends/cousins!!!!but
anywayz im on the chat deal talkin to shaun smith. brought
up jc. no hard feelings though. he was cool.. brittanys on
the phone with Tommy. The boy Shaun just asked how me n
jesus was. That was the first time anyone cared to ask me
that. Made my night.That was sweet.but i dunno. I am GOOD
with Jesus. Im just stupid sometimes and think i can go and
do stupid stuff and be all bad arse and so on. ignorant of
me though.. Gods the only one who will always be there. I
was trying to write on paper about whats been going on
these couple years. and i was going good so far ,but then
mom and dad kept on screaming for me to do somthing and
messed me up. i'll try at it again sometime.I've been
talking to Joey more! I love it! Im so happy! yesterday
night we talked for a hour and 18 mins~! and the day before
that we talked to 40mins. but tonight i dont know cause
tommy kept beeping in on the phone for britt so i just told
him i'll talk to him later and let brittany use the phone.
but i did talk to him on the computer! he was talking to
someone from ct? hes friend//??Ehh?? but i dunno. um ok. my
left eye keeps stayin closed when i try to open it . -.0
argggggg. its 2:20am yup yup .. nice. jessie started
calling me again. wowee. yup i didnt talk to richard
tonight. he didnt answer he phone. owell poo on him. tommy
said richard likes me..ooOooOo.Richard and Robert are
suppose to come down here this weekend. I don't know how
thats gonna work. We'll see. Dad will be home?? so hows
that gonna work? Probally won't get to see him. Owell I
don't think Tiffany would like it very much if he seen me.
Now would SHE~!?!?!?! bREWERS sUCkkk. lol ALl boys suck and
thats the truth! well im outa here byeb ye xoxox love n
miss god bless keep me in your prayers! Love Lauren AKa
Ralph LauRelL

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