2003-08-28 02:05:17 (UTC)

i fell asleep from day, and all the promises

i slept like all day. i took a bunch of nyquil and alka
seltzer cold and slept. my honey called and woke me up and
made me feel better and that was nice. and then i slept
some more. it just all gets so frustrating and
disappointing and then im even more frustrated with myself
that im too weak to deal with it and i do stupid things
and. i miss her today. its not fair to matt i know.
because he really does try his best. its just that a good
day for us is like an awful day for a healthy couple. not
that that matters. i dont know im all delirious from all
this medicine. my baby is shedding=) hehe he looks funny.
okay im guna take a Vapor-bath and go to bed cus i have
class in the morning and i want to feel better!

awww that hot girl the hot hot hottest girl i like on FTJ
has me on her favorites list and for comments she put "I
want you" hehe i figured out how to look at whose favorites
im on and someone said "sexy sexy chic" and this other girl
said "magnetic eyes that pull you in way deep" (ashley
thats for you lol=) dont you want to touch them?!? i miss
you by the way. okay bye=)