kiss me, kill me, hold me, thrill me
2003-08-27 23:18:56 (UTC)


Ok, I'm going to make this short because I just got home from work and
I'm tired and need a nap.

As I said I might I had dream involving Dave after I wrote my last entry. I
saw him in town and was quite surprised to see him. We got to talking
and he managed to talk me into buying a leopard print bikini and
jumping in the local river at night. I was totally freaked out because I
can't swim.

I told him about the dream and he asked if he had been dirty. I wished
he had been dirty so I had more to tell him about.

Anyway, life is going a million miles a minute around me and I need to
try to catch up. The good news is that I have a teeth cleaning scheduled
for the 11th. I need to hurry up and get that done.

It is at 2:15 so no worries since Dave will still be at work if he wants to
get together that day.

I guess that's it from here. I'm off to take a nap. John and I are going to
use his picnic blanket today before we go to our friend's place to see
Mars through a telescope.