Wo ist Amanda?
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2003-08-27 21:50:54 (UTC)

vote green!

Basically, we are in the process of researching the
candidates for Govener in CA. Yes, I think the recall is
stupid, for those of you that know what I'm talking about.
It is a total waste of money...when we are in a BUDGET
CRISIS! I mean, do I really have to explain that?
Anyways, we have to write an endorsment for one of the
candidates that we think is worthy. I want to vote for
Peter Miguel Camejo. He's the only Green Party
candidate that is left on the ballot of 135 unqualified
idiots. Personally, I'm looking for people with real plans
of action for education, lowering taxes, immigration,
and abortion issues. I dunno, I'm not really political, by
choice...but, I do believe that, no matter your age, you
should be informed. So, that's where I stand...if that's
actually standing somewhere.....