Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2003-08-27 06:13:09 (UTC)


Hey! Hey! Hey!...
Otay, so I survived my first day on the main campus, after
driving for almost an hour and a half through the heat.
I'd lost the letter that I received in the mail telling me
where to go for my work-study assignment, but I remembered
which department it was in, so I sailed over to the
computer lab and fished up a campus map and located the
building, but not after driving around incoherently for
close to 15 minutes, and also stopping to walk into a
completely WRONG building before I saw a map and FINALLY
got a clue as to where the RIGHT building was... I was a
little concerned, however, at my lack of not being able to
find the building on the first go around... I thought that
I was just getting too old to follow directions, even my

Even though I was awarded a work-study position, I was also
contacted by email about a possible co-op position, and so
I followed up on it today also, but I still need to do some
more following up in the morrow, since I inadvertently
scheduled an appointment at the exact time that I had a
class, doh!!! As you can see, I was a bit freaked out
during this

My first class taught me stuff that I already knew, but in
a different form....sheesh....

My second class also taught me stuff that I already knew,
but in a different

I graduated from this same campus 10 years ago, so as I
walked through it today again, I summoned some of the past
memories that I had of the place, and was bit by a twinge
of nostalgia for days long past... But, my purpose, and
lot in life, is completely different now compared to what
it was 10 years ago (well, sort of), so I didn't dwell too
much on the past, as it was...

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