Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
2003-08-27 04:18:12 (UTC)


Today was an early day..i had to get up really early since
i didnt get home til like 1 cuz of the party..i had to go
to some meeting after my first class and it was ok and me
cheryl and lauren thought we could leave after and they
made us go to this convocation thingy which lasted forever
and i was soooo tired so we were like falling asleep and
the photographer kept takin pictures cuz he thought it was toward the end i had a 12 class and i had to
leave in the middle and i was like in the middle of the
rom and had to climb over everyone and it was
then i went to my lit class and im the only frosh but
whatever its a ge the teacher was either really
boring or i was really tired cuz i kept falling
was like being in Ms Knox's class after that i
went to lunch wit cheryl lauren and kirstin and then went
bak to my room to do homework but i PASSES out..i was
supposed to go to the gym wit cheryl but i couldnt move i
was so tired..i woke up in time to go to my english comp
class at like 5:40-6:55..wierd time huh?..then i went to
dinner wit cheryl lauren kirstin erin kelly and
christine..chrisitne is really kewl i think me and her are
gonna be really close..we gotta learn to play raquetball
lol...i hear its intense..then tonite we went to Bingo and
i won the game was fun we went through like a
million sheets it was nuts..then i came bak to do my gonna really study while im here cuz im not
gonna do what i did in college i want to be like top of
the class and i kno i can if i put my mind to it..i need
something to do so im gonna be a telethon phone pays 750 an hour...ok well im gonna go to
bed 9 class tomorrow..luv ya bubyee