Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2003-08-26 21:53:22 (UTC)


I haven't the interent at home anymore, so once again, I'm
using it at my Grandmas. The house is so old...I keep
expecting a ghost to jump out at me, around every corner. I
don't believe in ghosts but's a spooky place.
It's a three up-one down type of house. My room's all the
way at the top of the house..:S Oh well. As long as there
isn't a powercut.
I'm so tired. The other night I was tired but I had started
watching 'A bridge too far' and then last night I was
watching '11 Greatest TV characters'. I was glad to see
Hawkeye from MASH in--he's proper funny, and Blackadder,
though if it was my list, he'd be 1st, then Basil Fawlty,
then Del Boy then Hawkeye.

The Cardealer across the street has its lights on...bloody
brightly! It's 10 to 11--it's unlikely anyone is going to
buy a car at this time of night.

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