An inconcluded life
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2003-08-26 14:04:27 (UTC)

is it worth it?

So I invest 3 weeks in this whole crazy deal and I end up
loosing as always. I should ask myself if it is really
worth it to just sit and dream that I might deserve
something good in this life? I've said it so many times...
it was just too good to be true. And the time came to cash
in our chips and head out into separate paths.

What I don't understand is why is he doing this if he feels
the way he says he does? Why torture yourself when you
can just take life as it comes and live it intensely? Is
it that I am too shallow?

All I'm asking for is love. A person whom I can fall in
love with and who can love me back! Is that so difficult?
I thought things would be different because he was just all
I had asked for! He is just a combination of all the
elements I once jotted down on the back of a piece of scrap
paper. He is funny, charming, sweet, tender, passionate,
sexy, intelligent, educated, polite, considerate,
gentleman, hard worker... everything I look for in a man,
and there he was, just for me for 3 weeks. 3 fully intense
weeks. And now what? Am I supposed to just stay here and
say nothing? Is it worth it to fight for him?