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2003-08-26 08:04:45 (UTC)

timi's letter

i wrote this for timi on her bday last week to send on her
40th bday in 19 years.

dear timi,
im writing this now to give to you when you turn 40.
last night was your 21st bday party. i have never been so
insane in setting up the "perfect" party as i was over the
past few days. who knows where we will be in 19 years and
you receive this letter. all i know is that we will
hpefully be living fabulous lives with great husbands and
children. (or we will have had children and be living in
NYC together still struggling to get by) either way, i
know we will still be inseperable whether its physically or
mentally. i know we will be "responsible" adults and every
night will no longer be spent in a bar hanging out with
irish men. hopefully we will still know ronan and mark, or
at least have the memory of them in our hearts. i have to
say this has been the best summer of my life. remember the
angels of castlebay. hopefully when you read this ashley
and i will be standing next to you reliving the memories as
well. hopefully we are all crying as our husbands and
children and staring at us like we are crazy. we were
crazy this summer. crazy in love with life and each
other. remember the do-do bird in the windown of annapolis
pottery. remember the morning after your party running
around trying to find the perfect outfit (or ANY outfit)
for your very last minute wedding date. thats not an easy
thing to do when you are hungover! tonight we are going to
make more memories. its unfortunate that our lives arent
recorded. we have a great friendship and not even god
himself could come between us. i will treasure these and
all the memories before this summer for the rest of my
life. i hope you enjoyed your 21st birthday as much as i
loved being a part of it. if im not standing in the same
room with you right now, i hope you are reaching for the
phone. i love you very much timothea! happy birthday.

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