purple star

Never once spoken
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2003-08-26 07:49:40 (UTC)


finally i have a day off tomorrow. its like my friday :)
im off tomorrow and wednesday. thank god! i need it. i
lied at work tonight....... well, didnt lie but stretched
the truth. i dont really feel bad about it anymore but i
sort of did at the time.
i never want it to end. the sound of the music. echoing
through my brain... my mind. my thoughts. my soul. i
could listen to it for the rest of my life. it stopped for
longer tonight than it ever had before. i opened my soul
to it. and it still engulfed me. why oh why are oceans in
between? walls coming crashing down. again. the sound of
the music brings me peace. a peace ive never felt before.
it electrifies my soul. i want to be electrified forever.
the sound of the music cannot fade away. it must remain,
sweet dreams. love!

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