Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
2003-08-26 05:26:08 (UTC)

Wild Nite at K triangle P

Well today was the first day of classes and it went pretty
well..most of the classes they only gave u syllibuses that
explained the course..i had media comm and psychology..i
decided that since i was bored i would go to check out the
new rec center...tjhey have a really nice lookin gym set
up wit like video screens at every thing so i went and met
this girl christine..shes really kewl and shes my new gym after that i came bak and took a shower then
walked to the pool to look up the hours cuz im gonna go to
the gym monday wednesday and friday...then the pool tues
and at the gym all the football players were
like talkin to me and shit they were tryin to show me
where the pool was pretty then i came bak
chilled then went to dinner wit kelly and christine..after
i was SOOO bored..i walked to the wawa to buy
cigarettes..oh ya b4 that i went to the walmart which is
like 20 minutes away cuz i was so bored..newayz bought
ciagarettes..then i went to a meetin wit my floor in the
lounge..i dunno the ppl in my sis's dorm are kewler..they
like keep their doors open and talk to ppl...ok so then i
had it i needed something to do i was ABOUT to go to bed
when cheryl told me they found a me my sis her
roommate lauren this girl i made friends wit Selina and
these two guys adam and matt went to this was ok
i guess they only ad cans of milwaukees best and i hate
beer but i guess i have to get used to it..i didnt drink
much tho cuz i dont like beer i had like 2cans..selina had
like 10 it was funny she like chugs everything..ya so we
were i guess havin fun..i hate bein friends and goin to
parties wit pretty ppl..not like guys would talk to me if
they werent there but i dunno whatever so ya toward like 1
the music stopped and ppl came down and were like drop the
beers the cops are outside and shit and i dunno the cops
didnt care so we left and came bak and like adam was
freakin cuz he didnt wanna get arrested but they wouldnt
arrest half the students so whatever..ya so that was my
nite..more exciting than sittin in my room but my goal is
to go to the gym a lot to look better so more guys will
talk to me..well g2g ttyl bubyee