Alisha's Journal
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2003-08-26 03:42:48 (UTC)

dunno what to say.

Hey hey, what to say???

Uh, summer is almost over? not happy about that, lol...but
who is? I'm gonna miss working, actually. I'm one of the
people i've really never wanted to be. I've never wanted to
work somewhere, where i'd rather be there than home...not
that i hate being home either...i'd just rather be there,
MAKING MONEY, andhaving fun...i dunno. life is odd.

I started running again today. heh, what a joke. I am SO
out of shape, it's unbelievable. I ran a mile though, well,
JUST short of a mile, on my first day back, i think thats
pretty durn good! haha...then i did 60 crunches, and...i
ran up this really steap hill...yeah, im starting to feel
the pain, but it'll really kick in when i wake up.
i excited for that. BUT, im gonna doit everyday...and im
starting new eating habits, cause mine are im
eating healthy again...which, everyone should always do,
but since i live in unhealthy

What else? I really like a new kid....which is horrible. I
feel weird about it, but....i'll be alright, lol.

hmm.... i dunno, bed time!?