The Trials and Tribulations of Ronnie J.
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2003-08-26 01:01:07 (UTC)

August 25, 2003

Dear Journal,

I finally am learning something. I learned that really
there is no such thing as true friends. Im now 18 years old
and i need to make some changes... Right now though , I am
sitting here dwellin over my love. The love that was mine,
but some how was never mine. He was 15,and I was 17.We both
knew eachother before that thoough and messed around. This
time though we became such good friends. I mean so good
that we were like bros. I trusted him with all my heart and
he lied ! I let him do everything to me sexually. He would
do the same for me.. But i wanted him to be the only one.
but that never happend. So i dunno we kinda fell off. im n
ot sad though.