Book of Suicide
2003-08-25 23:38:44 (UTC)

game master

disappear. to disappear would make me happy. to not be a
part of this cruel game with its twisted rules. rules that
only bend in the game master's favor. rules that are set
to make you fail. rules that are inclined to change at the
scent of its master's defeat. it may abuse you, for you
are a mere player, but nay to the master. the master
conquers a game and dictates it like that to a slave. like
a slave to pick the wrong crop without knowing, and to be
punished like a bad dog who has bitten the master. the
fierce realities that you cannot escape. the
acknowledgement that you will neither win, nor quit, just
lose, and once you've been battered and broken, will then
be tossed aside for a new spirit to shatter. but a spirit
cannot disappear, for it is already a ghost whence taken.