Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2003-08-25 23:07:16 (UTC)

First day of school

Coolness, 2day wuz the 1st day of classes... It was a'ight;
I was in the local campus, viewing the teacher on a
television where he was teaching from the main campus, and
his computer was linked up to the network, and projected
onto a white screen in front of us in our classroom. It was
cool, we were broadcasted to him, and he to us, and also
his computer... It all worked extremely well, I thought,
and thought that this should be the way it always should

Also scored a car from my mother... as a 2nd vehicle for
any 2nd vehicle needs I may have in the future. It has a v6
in it, which means to me to be a gas guzzler, but i'll find
out just how bad it is by the morrow. It also blows out a
whole heck of a lot of smoke out the tail pipe, which is
indicative of an oil leak inside. Another thing, which
totally creeped me out, was that I had a cup of coffee,
which I left on the passenger seat, snugged between my
books and the arm rest, and I stopped in my driveway to
read something or other, and I reached over and grabbed the
cup, and found a swarm of ants or whatnot all over