Kat Eyes
2003-08-25 20:13:55 (UTC)

this is not a convo...

i've basically been posting convos, and not really reacting
to them. in a sense, thats a good thing. i was hellapissed
the other night. things have been...getting better though.
maybe just cause it feels like a weight has been lifted off
my shoulders. as you can see, joey and i also talked last
night. i felt good when he said he was excited..and a
little lost when he said he was confused, but i cant
imagine this blossoming into anything. it'll be just like
it was last time. and if thats how it'll be then i don't
want it. cause it SUCKED the last time. i don't know what
else i really want to say here..i suddenly don't want to
write. maybe tomorrow or later tonight...adios for now.