Nick's Journal
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2003-08-25 12:42:57 (UTC)

Last School Year

yeah that's right it's my last year at college. what the
flying fuck? it seemed like just yesterday i was stumbling
puking to my dorm room........wait that was yesterday,
that's why it was such a bitch to get in.
anyhow, i have to say that college has been the best
period of my life thus far, now this is not to say that
the rest of my life won't be sweet. i'm just really glad
that i have had a period in my life that has been so
great, because most people aren't even lucky enough to
have that. i will always look back at college with a
smile on my face.
sigh, i feel really sad though that i'll be done soon.
however, this is not to deter me from further stupid and
life-threatening endeavors.
so i've been walking around on campus and i see all the
freshmen meandering about. basically they all walk around
in the same manner. see you can always tell freshmen
because they're the ones that are still insecure enough
about themselves to have to travel in large packs (sort of
like wolves and mexicans). and they always have the
attitude of someone that's been dicked over their whole
life, or atleast that look. i guess it's all the way that
they coup with their new found freedom.
on the by, i went to kroger the other day for some
essentials, and i have to say i don't like pushing
shopping carts. first of all the aisles are way too
fucking small to get two carts through at once, and for
some reason the dumb fuck-shit across from me is in a race
to make it to the middle of the aisles as if it expands
there, then they'll stand there like a deer in headlights
and i'll have to clamber past them. the only thing worsre
than that are the arabs. for some reason they feel it
necessary to let all their kids loose, from ali to zhaheb,
in the produce section. so as i'm carefully trying to
maneuver my cart through the area, the kids are constantly
in danger of coming under my wheels.
anyhow, it seems time for me to go to class, i'm actually
looking forward to it, that's how big a nerd i am.

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