Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
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2003-08-25 03:28:26 (UTC)

School..and school

today was the second day at was ok i woke up at 10
cuz my roommate ran into the ya i took a shower
and then we went to go find kelly's classes(::fun::) after
that we went to get kelly's books (::more fun::) after
that me and kelly went to lunch (::extatic::)..ya so my
dad was pretty boring so i went online and started talkin
to ppl about how much a loser i am cuz i cant make
friends..then we went to this picnic thing and i was
determined to talk to i sat down on this bench and
introduced myself to these two girls selina and roommate kelly introduced herself we
were talkin for a while..and im not bein mean but kelly
talks about the DUMBEST things..she would like start
talkinb about her feet..not literally but dumb things like
that and u can see the boredom on these two girls then cheryl came over with her roommate..lauren
is kewl i dunno at orientation i thought she was kinda a
bitch but shes kewl..newayz im tryin not to avoid cheryl
but not be as "twinny" so we were all chillin and kelly
was still making dumb remarks..ok i have to vent..shes not
annoying but she kinda is at the same time..she like is
always i try to leave and take out the garbage
and shes like hold on ill come too and she keeps sayion
how we are soo alike but i really dont think i act like least i hope im not..ok well i g2g bye

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