48 shades of darkness
2003-08-25 03:21:22 (UTC)

I trusted you

I trusted you, but you lied
You told me the things that I wanted to hear
But you misled me and drove me to tears
I thought what we had was real?
But I guess you cannot feel
The pain I went through
I never want it again

Why did you lie when we had an understanding?
I guess I wasn’t in your planning
You leave me here alone
And wondering where you’ve gone

I thought I could trust you
I thought we were strong
Together we were, but not alone
You stranded me here
Now me feelings are old
Can’t forget what I’ve been told

You said I could trust you, but you lied
You never could see, how it lies
Beneath the surface, Is all the pain
I have nothing more to gain
I love you, you said the same
How the fuck can you play games?

I now see how it is
Can’t trust anyone, that’s my fears
To be alone, unwanted and unloved
Forget it all now, can’t move on
You left an imprint in my mind
Now I wish I were blind