48 shades of darkness
2003-08-25 03:20:31 (UTC)


Don’t be afraid,its alright
I’ll kill you in the middle of the night
Fucked me again, I’ll will suspend
Your fait as it comes

Give you pain,make you numb
Take your life, as it comes
These things make me crazy
Get the urge to go insane
These feeling are in my brain
Death to all who come my way
Never again will you be safe

I’m the soul possessor, your mind eraser
Fuck with me and I’ll misplace her,
In the grave you shall find
All the things on my mind
Take it away,don’t need this pain
All is lost with nothing to gain

Will life be the same?
Will it start to rain?
Maybe it will but now I spill
The blood of you, on the floor
Wash away so theres nomore

I will arise,and be the one
Take on this world, without