Kat Eyes
2003-08-25 03:20:25 (UTC)

the fun just continues....

StArLeTt110: hi
GiJoeyC3: hey there
StArLeTt110: how r u?
GiJoeyC3: alright
StArLeTt110: thats good
StArLeTt110: having fun at school? :-P
StArLeTt110: ?
GiJoeyC3: school: not a subject that joey wants mentioned
ever again
StArLeTt110: lol ok
StArLeTt110: so how have things been..i havent really
talked to you in a while
GiJoeyC3: true
GiJoeyC3: things are alright
StArLeTt110: thats good..getting caught?
GiJoeyC3: my parents hatew me but thats cool
StArLeTt110: what'd you do?
GiJoeyC3: a variety of things
StArLeTt110: pot-related?
GiJoeyC3: that and my attitude toward them
StArLeTt110: o
StArLeTt110: i'm sry
GiJoeyC3: they sent me to counselling
StArLeTt110: wha?
GiJoeyC3: it sucks
StArLeTt110: that sucks ass
StArLeTt110: umm...
StArLeTt110: i heard you talked to michael
StArLeTt110: about...things
GiJoeyC3: things?
StArLeTt110: you don't remember?
GiJoeyC3: think about that question again
StArLeTt110: ...
GiJoeyC3: StArLeTt110: you don't remember?
GiJoeyC3: i dont remember a lot kat
StArLeTt110: ok good
StArLeTt110: nvm then..forget i brought it up
StArLeTt110: :-)
GiJoeyC3: why?
GiJoeyC3: tell me
GiJoeyC3: if you mention it ill remember
StArLeTt110: no no..you'll wish i hadn't said anything once
i jog your memory
StArLeTt110: so yea
StArLeTt110: are you there?
GiJoeyC3: yea
StArLeTt110: ok
GiJoeyC3: why not
StArLeTt110: why not what
GiJoeyC3: why wont you tell me
StArLeTt110: you really want me to?
StArLeTt110: ?
StArLeTt110: ..................
GiJoeyC3: yes!
StArLeTt110: the fact that i still have feelings for you
even though we really havent kept in touch or seen each
other since may and it sucks
GiJoeyC3: but you have a boyfriend
GiJoeyC3: id say thats a rad block there
StArLeTt110: no i dont
GiJoeyC3: whoa
StArLeTt110: heres the story there...
StArLeTt110: we broke up a week ago cause he pressured me
to have sex w/ him, but igave him another shto when he said
he'd change and then we broke up last night cause he
confessed to having sex w/ his ex during the 2 days that we
were broken up
GiJoeyC3: how did he try to pressure you?
StArLeTt110: umm..by asking me to have sex w/ him and when
i told him no over and over again, he still wouldnt drop it
GiJoeyC3: wow
StArLeTt110: yea its been an interesting past month..and i
told michael how i felt cause i didnt feel right about how
i felt and he told you
GiJoeyC3: ok i see
StArLeTt110: so yea..umm....surprise..?
GiJoeyC3: yea
GiJoeyC3: a bit
StArLeTt110: yea
StArLeTt110: sry..this is wierd
GiJoeyC3: yea
StArLeTt110: and i heard that you met someone from sacred
GiJoeyC3: yea but she kinda didnt wanna go for it
GiJoeyC3: im too skinny
StArLeTt110: what the hell? are you serious?
StArLeTt110: thats lame
StArLeTt110: well..now you know
GiJoeyC3: no i really am too skinny
GiJoeyC3: i weigh 125
StArLeTt110: i was referring to what i told you..but thats
true also i guess
GiJoeyC3: im gonna bulk up this month
StArLeTt110: lol
StArLeTt110: well...now that u know and i put this out
therei'm going to go crawl into a hole..
GiJoeyC3: no
GiJoeyC3: you dont have to
StArLeTt110: um yea i really think i do
StArLeTt110: i feel all akward and stuff
GiJoeyC3: why
GiJoeyC3: you shoudlnt
StArLeTt110: well cause..its all random
GiJoeyC3: this is what all people should do
StArLeTt110: whys that?
GiJoeyC3: share their feelings
StArLeTt110: lol ok
StArLeTt110: and you havent really said much reguarding it
GiJoeyC3: i know
StArLeTt110: ok
GiJoeyC3: i rarely express my feelings
GiJoeyC3: save through song
StArLeTt110: i know this
StArLeTt110: so you're not going to give a reaction
GiJoeyC3: well im kinda excited and kinda confused
StArLeTt110: well..thats good
StArLeTt110: and...not good...at the same time
StArLeTt110: i'm afraid that i'm going to scare you away
StArLeTt110: which we all know..has happened before
StArLeTt110: why are you confused?
StArLeTt110: or not
GiJoeyC3: i dunno
StArLeTt110: ok..well...
GiJoeyC3: another example of me not willing to share
StArLeTt110: yea i got that
StArLeTt110: is this something that will end up in a song?
GiJoeyC3: i dunno
GiJoeyC3: perhaps
StArLeTt110: ok
GiJoeyC3: i never know unti i start it
StArLeTt110: well..i'm going to go cause this is just
akward and hard to do and i'm just making an ass of myself
StArLeTt110: so i will ttyl
GiJoeyC3: ok
GiJoeyC3: bye
StArLeTt110: bye