48 shades of darkness
2003-08-25 03:19:06 (UTC)


Deep inside I can not hide
The feelings I shed,better if I bled
Let out the pain, I’ve gone insane
I put the blame on you

You try and hide all the shit
But I aint hearing it, need to know why
You have tried and let me down
But I’m all ready on the ground
Hidden in my hole, you put me here
With your lies, I have all this fear

I need you here, in my arms
Keep me warm and to feel loved
Give me a push to get off my ass
I need that pressure to get me going
Without you I’m just slowing
Down my time to get things together

You said you’d be here
But you’re not near, me
With those beautiful eyes
And your smile, now it’s just a memory
Of how I want things to be
But you’ll never see,
How much you really mean to me