A Day In The Life Of Sam
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2003-08-25 00:48:08 (UTC)

Not a damn thing

hey ya'll...lets see...ima try and keep this thing semi-up
to date from now bein the word...lets
see...we've been in skool for a couple of weeks now and im
already gettin stressed...THATS NOT FAIR!!! lol well as
far as me...umm big suprise..nothing new has happened
lol...have u ever noticed that when u start to like
someone and ur not sure about how they feel all the sudden
all these random ppl that u dont like start annoyin you
with the whole...hey i like u bullshit? thats been
happenin to me really i got
this one guy thats a friend of mine and i think we're
about to part from each other...on the account that i
think we both arent ready for what the future is about to
throw at us. wow that was deep...but its tru...and i see
it and i think he does too...we jus cant seem to talk
about it...ok this thing has jus turned into my vent for
the night...ok let me break down the and
this guy have been friends for about 4 years now and since
the begining of our friendship we had always said we'd be
friends and thats all...well lately it seems like we both
are lookin at sumthin more but we dont really want
it...does that make sense??? ok...well i think bc of what
might happen and the fact that in 2 years we're both going
seperate ways i think that me and him might just be better
off starting to drift from one another in every sense of
the jus got into one of those moods
were i type on and on ...but it helped so if ur reading
this...sorry if its dragged and bored the shit outta
u..well im out for now...ttyl