2003-08-25 00:09:27 (UTC)

my readership returns, so do I

Michelle and Sharon are both back from their backpacking
trips, and since they constitute my entire readership here,
I might as well begin again. What I never got a chance to
tell them before they left is that I admire them. Michelle
wrote, "I'm so afraid of change", and then she
intentionally pushed herself into a foreign and challenging
experience, as did Sharon. I wish everyone had that

I have matured this summer. I'm working in a cafe, driving,
going to school...participating in society. I feel
sometimes as though I'm selling myself, like I don't belong
to myself anymore. Art History boy and I had a lengthy
coversation a few weeks ago in which he insisted that we
are all imprisoned by the corporate millionaires who
control us from the peak of the social system. His theory
was pathetically full of Matrix analogies so I could hardly
respect it. I say people imprison themselves and while
others can control us physically, our minds are our own.
He's an arrogant bastard anyway.

All hatred is self-hatred.
All love, self-love.

Our bodies are all that separate our selves.