Life In Munchkin Land
2003-08-24 21:09:15 (UTC)

Wow..a long time

Wow It's been like a really long time since I wrote on
this thing, to be honest I kind of forgot about it. But
now Im back and I'm all new! My life has been really great
lately, mainly cuz I've actually had people there for me!
Alex, is the most amazing person on earth but he already
knows that! ;) School starts in 8 days! I can't wait I'm
finally a senior! Yeah I'm scared because it finally hit
that this was it...My life is soon going to take a change
and I really hope its for the better! I'm going to miss a
few people but I'm sure I'll see them around. As my cousin
so nicely put I will be a freshmen in college next year
but look like a freshmen in high school..Im not sure if
that was a good comment or not hmm..I have decided that I
want to major in graphic design and minor in journalism. I
have been told I have a knack for writing so I'm going to
try my hand at it at a higher level. Band has begun and
this season will be pretty decent if we ever get work. We
have the opener done but besides that its squat! So I will
be 18 in 10 days I cant wait Im having a huge party this
saturday! Its going to be a blast!!! Well thats all for
now! Write more later on maybe!